Here’s your chance to “swipe and use” one of the most powerful “client attraction and customer experience” formulas on the planet!

Here’s your chance to “swipe and use” one of the most powerful “client attraction and customer experience” formulas on the planet!

When you become a member of this astonishing customer attraction program, you’ll have the luxury of simply “joining-the-dots” and benefiting from the wisdom and “systems” of 2 of the planet’s most-sought after marketing gurus!

Here’s your opportunity to enjoy “outside-the-box” thinking……when it comes to attracting prospects to your products or services.

Make that “WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX” thinking!

You’ll be getting invaluable wisdom & “proven customer drawcard systems” from two of the planet’s marketing geniuses.

This Is Your Rare Opportunity To Change The Fortunes Of Your Business By Being Coached By 2 Of The World’s Most Accomplished Marketeers!

There’s been some great “duos” we’ve all enjoyed, the likes of McCartney & Lennon, Martin & Lewis and Simon & Garfunkel. Such duos have a magical quality – their individual genius multiplies “ten times over” when they combine and work together.

Well that’s the same “extraordinary bonus” you’ll enjoy with this unique combo of 2 marketing maestros, namely John Formica and John Dwyer.

A 12 Part Video Series Revealing "How To Wow" Potential Clients!

Here's the Extraordinary Secrets You'll Enjoy:

1. Whistle While You Work – Tactics To Create A Hyper-Productive Team!

2. Websites – How To Create Ones That SELL!

3. Facebook/Social Media Marketing – How To Make This Advertising Platform A “Leads Machine” For You!

4. Theming – How This Can be A “Game-Changer” For Your Biz

5. Its Showtime – Lessons In Training Your Crew “To Be On” When Dealing With Customers

6. Right Person, Right Role – How To Choose The Right Team Members

7. Sell Once To Many – Stop Selling “One To One” & Scale Your Sales Process Significantly

8. The “Plus 1” Blueprint – Learn How To “Go That One Step Further” In Every Part Of Your Business

9. Positive Mindset – Discover The Power Of Combining The Right “Mindset” With The Right “Systems”

10. Dreaming & Creating – Learn How to Fast-track Your “Plans” To Become Reality (Just Like Disney Does!)

11. Create A Wow Factor – How To Take Your Prospects’ Eyes OFF The Price!

12. Repetitive Trade – How To Make Customers “Sticky” & Keep Coming Back For More!

Corporate Businesses Pay Over $100,000 A Year To Be Coached By Either Of These Marketing Wizards.

Both these marketing gurus have commanded big dollars from “corporates” over the years, because of the uniqueness of their marketing and customer experience skills.

Individually each one of these experts can be a game-changer for any business.

And when you put them together, things go to a totally other stratosphere, as their combined “marketing wisdom” is like having Lucas and Spielberg working on the one movie!

To give you some idea of the value that corporate businesses place on their advice, JD (John Dwyer) commanded a $430,000 annual consultancy fee from a bank which used his services for many years (the bank that JD scored Jerry Seinfeld as spokesman!).

And John Formica commands up to $20,000 just for keynote presentations at company conventions.

Here’s Your Chance To Tap Into Their “Attract & Keep” Program And Learn How To Run Your Business Using “Wow And Disney” Marketing Principles!

Don’t miss this opportunity to fast-track your marketing and customer service skills, so that you can take your business to a whole new level as quickly as possible.

Make no mistake, you won’t see the likes of this “genius combination” very often, so grab this program while you can.

Your investment is a mere pittance compared to your likely “return” – if you’ve been looking for an adrenaline-boost for your business, there’s every chance you’ve just found it!

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